senso dedicato


SENSODEDICATO stems from a passion project of three Italian Textile Art dealers with 20+ years of experience in this field. It is an initiative aimed at offering a contemporary rug in the same quality as the antique art rug. Each piece is a unique, exclusive, unrepeatable item designed specifically to suit the interior design needs of individual purchasers while combining international allure with extraordinary Italian Design.


Art Direction & Product Managment

Nader, who was born in Teheran, moved to Milan to attend the faculty of architecture at the Politecnico.
In 1994 he founded his own gallery, Nader, and he is now perceived as one of the top experts of antique carpets and art weaving in Italy.



Art Direction & Product Managment

Chiara studied Philosophy and Human Sciences. She has devoted herself to Textile Art as a scholar and art dealer.
In 1999 she founded asiaoccidentale, in Florence, to tie the aeshetics of dying out rare textiles to contemporary taste and art.


Marketing & Communication

Elena studied Business and Law. She has been working as a marketing consultant for over fifteen years. More specifically, she has been involved in a number of artistic projects including media, art exhibitions and design. 


Design Counseling

Cristina, who is an architect, has international experience in architecture, interior design, media and fashion (credits: Versace, Marni, Tod's, Hogan, Antonio Fusco, Hilton Levi Strauss Italy).
Asiaoccidentale via di Mezzo 55R :: Florence - Nader via Santa Marta 10 :: 20123 Milan